Who Are We?

We are Site Functions and we specialise in everything to do with building and maintaining websites. No matter the size of the job we are happy to help - whether it’s maintaining websites or updating the content as and when the client needs it. We also design and develop sites from start to finish and we can host your site and make sure it’s easily found on search engines such as Google.

Our aim as a company is to create original and eye catching websites that are easy to use and maintain. We are straight talking and want to keep things as simple and as clear as possible for our clients which means we won't confuse you with any coding or technical jargon (unless you are already familiar with this!)

We will always be available and are happy to answer any questions, big or small, and pride ourselves on how quickly we respond to enquiries.

What we offer

What We Offer....

  •    Website Maintenance
  •    Web Design
  •    Mobile Design
  •    Website Redesign
  •    Hosting
  •    SEO
  •    Copywriting
  •    Website Speed Optimisation
  •    Social Media Set Up

Site functions will control and manage your website with great speed and efficiency

Contact us for a free personalised quote today! We guarantee to come back to you within the next 24 hours.

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How We Price

Our pricing is very competitive and we are confident you will be very impressed with the quality of the work we produce for such a reasonable price.
Since every website is unique, it makes every job different so we like to give every client a personal quote to fit their individual requirements. We don't like to keep you waiting so you will receive your quote within 24 hours of getting in touch with us.

For clients who only require our services for one or two jobs, invoices will be sent once you are 100% happy with the work we have done for you. However, if you feel your website requires ongoing assistance and you want to change the site’s content regularly, we can invoice you monthly on a date of your choosing. Whatever your requirements, we can accommodate. Please give us a call today to talk through your options and receive your personal quote.